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As many hunters know, a good knife is hard to find. Your knife must be strong, comfortable, and above all, perform its task without Hunting Knivesfail. Many hunters can, and do, get by with just one knife, but possessing a few quality knives in different styles will ensure that you’re prepared for any situation, from field dressing to cutting up firewood for your hunting camp.

Of all the hunting supplies on the market, few are more varied than hunting knives. You have quite a few different factors to mull over, from blade style and material to the age-old debate between fixed-blade and folding knives. Here are a few things to consider:

What to Look for in a Hunting Knife

Blade Designs

Most hunting knives fall into three categories (though there are many more blade styles available). Drop Point knives are arguably the most popular style, with a spine that extends straight forward from the handle before curving downward, placing the blade tip below the spine. Other options include Clip Point blades, which have a straight spine with either a straight or concave drop to the tip of the blade, and Trailing Point blades, which incorporate a long, concave curve to the spine that positions the tip above the spine.

Blade Construction:

Almost universally regarded as the best material for making strong, sharp blades, Stainless Steel is used in most of the hunting knives on the market. Composite Steel also has its proponents, and makes very sharp blades but needs more care than stainless steel. A relatively new option is the Ceramic Blade, which holds a sharp edge longer than steel. The downside is that ceramic is brittle, breaking easily if dropped on a hard surface.

Blade Length

You’ll find a lot of differing opinions on ideal blade lengths, but around 4 inches is considered optimal for a hunting knife. Obviously you’ll want different sized blades for different situations—a smaller knife for dressing small game, for example—but most of the best all-around hunting knives fall in the 3 to 6 inch range.

Fixed Vs. Folding

Hunting knives with a fixed blade are stronger, more reliable, easier to use, and usually cheaper than folding knives. Actually, they are better in just about every measurable way except one: folding knives are easier to carry. It doesn’t hurt to have a quality folding knife on hand, but for serious hunters, a fixed-blade knife is almost always the way to go.

Top Knife Choices. Check out our Hunting Knives Here!

Whether you’re looking for one knife to be your trusted hunting companion, or a diverse selection of hunting supplies to keep you covered in any situation, the knives listed below are among the very best available to today’s hunter.

  • Steel Will Druid 200: An excellent multi-purpose hunting knife with a heavy, 6-inch clip point fixed blade, great if you want one tool to do it all.
  • Puma Coyote Stag: Classic fixed-blade hunting knife that looks great and feels great in your hand, has a very sharp 3.8-inch drop point blade and non-slip antler handle.
  • Buck 110 Folding Hunter: A classic folding knife design that remains one of the best, with a 3.75-inch blade and easy-to-grip handle designed to fit into a belt pouch.
  • Spyderco Puukko G-10: A traditional Finnish hunting knife with a unique design, non-slip handle and incredibly sharp blade well suited to field dressing tasks.
  • Queen Cutlery Premium Skinner: A near-perfect skinning knife, especially for small to medium game, with a curved 3.25-inch blade and straight spine.

When you’re stocking up on hunting supplies for this season, don’t neglect to find a strong, reliable knife. Of all the hunting supplies in your arsenal, few are more important and versatile.

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