How to Choose Your Hunting Supplies

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It doesn’t matter what you plan to hunt this season, whether it’s deer, ducks, bear or small game, having the right hunting supplies hunting suppliesis essential for success and safety. How you choose hunting equipment depends on a lot of factors, including your local climate, terrain and what species you’re after.

Choose Hunting Supplies For Your Situation

Every type of hunting is different, so plan your gear accordingly. If you’re hunting overnight, you’ll need comfortable footwear and clothing that protects you from the elements. If you’re hunting deer, your clothing must not only keep you warm and dry, but allow you to blend in with your surroundings. There are also lots of extra items to think about, like mosquito repellent if you’re hunting in buggy areas, or scent blockers if you’re pursuing animals with a keen sense of smell.

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Hunting clothing offers a wide range of options, so think carefully about each thing you wear. Most importantly, each piece of clothing should be designed to enhance your comfort and safety.

  • Camouflage: Most animals we hunt can see hunters from a great distance, which makes camouflage clothing essential. Choose a camouflage pattern that emulates the natural surroundings in your region. Also check you local regulations to incorporate bright colors like blaze orange into your camouflage attire for safety.
  • Scent Blocking: Big game animals like deer have an extraordinary sense of smell, which makes scent-blocking clothing a huge asset.
  • Weather Protection: Every season offers its own weather challenges. Whether it’s sweltering hot or bone-chilling cold, choose hunting attire that offers you some protection from the weather.
  • Water Proof Clothing: Clothing that keeps you dry is essential if you’re hunting ducks or other water-based animals, but it’s also important when you’re hunting in cold or rainy conditions, regardless of the species.

Layering is also an important consideration when you put your hunting clothes together. Consider the importance of each of these key layers:

  • Base Layer: This innermost layer functions largely for comfort. In unpredictable weather, you may end up shedding the outer layers and being left with just your base layer. It should be made of a dry, breathable fabric like polyester.
  • Middle Layer: The middle layer is for added warmth during cold weather. It should include items like sweaters and pants that you can easily take off.
  • Outer Layer: Your outer layer’s most important job is keeping you dry. Hunting pants, jackets, suits, vests and boots fall into this category.

Stock Up On Hunting Supplies

In addition to clothing there are a lot of other hunting supplies to consider. Some are essential no matter what, while others are only needed in certain situations.

  • Hunting Knives: You should always be prepared to field dress and skin game, but your hunting knife may also come in handy as a survival Tool. Look for a knife with a fairly large, stainless steel blade and non-slip grip.
  • Optics: A good pair of binoculars helps you spot game over large distances, and a good scope can make the difference between a hit and a miss when it comes time to take that crucial shot.
  • Survival and First Aid Supplies: It’s important to always be prepared for the worst. A first aid kit will help you with everything from minor scrapes to major injuries, and survival gear like a space blanket, signal mirror, compass, flashlight and waterproof matches will help you out in an unexpected survival situation.
  • Communication Tool: A GPS radio will help you to keep track of where you are as well as to communicate with your hunting partners or others if you need to call for help.

Before you head into the woods this season, make sure you have all the hunting supplies you need. There’s no better way to prepare for success!

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