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Experience the best the freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing world can offer by finding your next adventure. We are here to provide you the best ideas and tips available on the internet. Become a part of an exciting new webpage where you can experience the thrill a screaming reel right in the comforts of your own home. Be the first in your state to share a story or tips that other freshwater fishing sportsmen and saltwater fishing sportsmen would appreciate. The membership to our exclusive fishing club is free so what are you waiting for?

Ultimate Hunting & Fishing is the Number ONE online resource to help you find your next fishing lodge or resort with wonderful service. Ultimate Hunting & Fishing is the Number ONE online resource to help you find your next freshwater fishing adventure. From remote Alaskan and Canadian salmon and steelhead  saltwater fishing locations, trolling for walleye on a Minnesota lake, casting for smallmouth bass in Maine, chasing wahoo in Hawaii, pulling up big cobia in Florida,  feasting on a limit of crappies in Missouri, teaching your children to catch panfish in Tennessee, freshwater fishing & releasing big bull trout in Montana, freshwater fishing in British Columbia, flying out to a remote Alaska lake to catch dolly varden and grayling, catching cutthroat trout in Wyoming & Idaho, fighting a big catfish in Mississippi, sneaking up on a wary brook trout in Vermont, listening to a screaming reel as a steelhead searches for an escape route on a cresting, rainy Washington river, catcing redfish in Louisiana, trolling for king mackerel off Orange Beach in Alabama, saltwater fishing for bonefish in the sea grass along the Florida coast, searching for the elusive golden trout in California, pulling in sea trout in Texas, catching bluefish in North Carolina, catching stripers off the coast of Massachusetts, experiencing the mile high country of Colorado along a river catching colorful rainbows, share a trip catching salmon and steelhead  on the Great Lakes, feeling the tug of a large Florida bass, casting for muskies on a remote Wisconsin lake, searching for that sea monster – a pre historic looking sturgeon on the powerful Columbia River in Oregon, searching for large brown trout in Utah, reeling for king salmon in Alaska, feeling the pull of a Coho salmon on a remote Canadian River, we will help you find the trip of a lifetime!