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  James Lucero

A Big Game Hunting Guide for over 38 years, James has guided clients throughtout North America taking numerous record book animals. He has developed many close friendships throughout the professional hunting and fishing communities. Growing up in New Mexico, James honed his skill for big game hunting on Elk and Antelope.  His insight on Big Game guiding and hunting will be invaluable for your next hunting adventure.

  Stoy Asmussen

For the past two decades Stoy has worked as a professional pilot.  This has allowed him to pursue his passion for upland bird hunting & fishing from Canda to the Gulf.  To keep his skills sharp he continues to shoot trap and skeet on his time off.  His favorite outdoor activities includes hunting pheasants with his german shorthair named "Chomp," elk hunting in Colorado or shooting ducks throughout his home state of Iowa.


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