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 I took this trip on Mothers day weekend of 2014. I had been planning this trip for a few months.  I arrived at the Railroad Park Resort in Dunsmuir.  Upon my arrival, It had started raining, but was light. By the time I had set the tent up, it was pouring. So, Im thinkin major bummer. I sat in the tent and sat it out.  It was 3 in the afternoon.  Good thing I brought a light and some reading material. Four good flyfishing magazines. A couple hours later it had stopped. Now I could set up the rest of my camp. 

There was a little creek right behind my tent site so I went and checked it out. It had a pretty good flow considering the drought conditoins we are in. It had some little pocket water and some small runs. It was getting dark so It was time to get cleaned up and get some dinner. 

If you are familiar with this campground, you know that it has old railroad cars that have been renovated and can be rented to stay in. They also have a dining car that is very cool with a great bar and hors de vors!!.  So, I had a few Long Island ice teas and some chicken wings, mmmmm very good. Well, a good buzz and it was time to drive back to the campground which is about a 1/4 mile or so from the railroad cars. Then a nice nights sleep.

Woke up at 7 am, got cleaned up, got all my fishing stuff together in  the truck and headed up to Dunsmuir. I stopped in at Ted Fays fly shop to get some info regarding fishing conditions. The guys there were very helpful and gave me lots of info regarding places and  fish and what to use. They told me that I had just missed the Salmonfly hatch by a couple days, but, it wouldnt hurt to give it a go anyway. I left and headed north through town and located a great spot on the river. I wadered up and headed to the river. As I was walking toward the river I started seeing dead Salmonflys all over the area. They were on the trail, laying on rocks and strung along the shoreline. 

I put my rod together, put the reel on and strung the line. I decided to put on a size 14 black rubber legs with a size 20 red midge under an indicator. This section of the river was very secluded and I was the only one around. It consisted of a run that was about a 100 feet long and flowed into a nice riffle and then into some pocket water.  I studied the water for a bit to figure out where the fish would most likely be. There was nice water right in front of me. So the first cast was from dry land and just about 10 feet from the shoreline. It was a quartering upstream cast. I threw a little mend in and guided it just inside of a nice seam between two currents. Nothing on the drift, so at the end I let it swing across the current. Just as it the line started to straighten out, there was a pretty good tug on. I lifted the rod tip and had a fish on. A minute or so later I had a nice 13 inch wild rainbow. I gave him a kiss between the running lights and released him right back where he came from. I took a few steps into the water and made another cast in the same area, another beautiful 10 inch wild rainbow. I walked out of the river and went back to my truck. I drove southbound on I5 and took the first exit south of town. This also was a nice stretch of water. I had some luck here also, catching two nice small trout. 

I could go on and on about this trip but it would be way to long and take forever to read, so I wont. All I can say is is that it was a great trip. Over the course of the two full days, I fished from Dunsmuir to Lake Shasta along the I-5 corridor and caught alot of beautiful fish. I also lost more than a few.  

This was a great trip, and I am doing it again this year. I am also planning a 12 day trip to three different rivers. I am going to fish the East Walker for a couple days. Then its off to the Owens for a couple days, and then finishing up with the Upper Yuba. I can hardly wait, its going to be so cool, and an awesome trip. 

The morning before I left, I fished the little creek that was behind my campsite. I put on a 21 red midge and caught two small rainbows, a 7 incher and a 9 incher. What beautiful wild fish. It just cant get any better than that.  


Later Yall, and Tight Lines Always!!

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