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 I went to Cabo San Lucas the second week of December 2014 for a missions trip with the church I attend. We fed the kids at three different barios. It was one of thr best trips of my life. 

The third day we were there, we got a day off to do whatever we wanted. Yes, I decided to go fishing. After all this is Cabo where they have the Marlin tournament every year. I went out of JC Sports Fishing located no far from the marina.  I arrived at the office at 6 am and contacted JC who is the owner. I advised me that the fishing had really been off the week before due to the water temp. It was warmer than usual and was still a few degrees above where it should be. 

I decided to go anyway. So I walked ou to the dock and purchased my license and met my giude for the day, his name was Rigo. We got underway and stopped at the bait boats and purchased baitfish, then it was out to the open water. 

We decided to bottom fish first . I wound up catching in the area of 15 or so triggerfish. They are a very strange looking fish but turns out they are very good tasting. After this we decided to try the Marlin. Rigo ahd been listening to the radio traffic all morning and the Marlin bite was not on at all. There had only been one Dorado caught all morning. So Rigo rigged up the rods with artificial squid baits. While he was rigging, I decide to say a little prayer. I wanted to have enough fish to feed the missions team, and then give what was left over to the feeding kitchens for the kids. Riggo had finished and had placed the rods on the holders and released the baits and away we went. 

The baits were not in the water for a minute when a Marlin was on. As soon as he was hooked he came out of the water and did some beautiful tail walking. He came out of the water six times and tail walked each time. What a beautiful site. I had him to the boat 3 times, and each time he would see us and get the strength to run again. He finally tired out and 40 minutes later he wa in the boat. I had caught my first Marlin, a beautiful 90 lb Striped Marlin. 

So, I had enough fish to feed the missions team and gave 35 lbs to Feeding Cabo Kids kitchens for fish tacos. Is that awesome or what!!!..Thank you Jesus..!!!!!

May you always have tight lines!!!!!!!


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