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Category: Waterfowl Layout Blinds

I have had the Cabela's Northern Flight Ultimate Layout Blind for two seasons and here are my pros and cons on this blind.  First the pros;  1)  It has a great waterproof sealed floor which should keep most hunters high and dry even in several inches of water.  2)  Has zippers on both sides to allow flagging  3)  Has a sheath in the door to store you flag. 4) Has a full zippered foot pouch for your dog to chill out as you both wait for ducks. 5) The back rest is adjustable and comfortable for extended periods of time.  The lower lumbar support helps big time.  6)  It has mesh storage compartments on both sides.  7)  I also like how the twin doors pop open.  Sure beats other layout blinds that keep slapping you in the face as you try to get out..  The cons;  1)  If you are tall the mesh face screen is nice that it is adjustable in front of you but it does not conform or hold its position above your head.  Above your head the coverage is limited and does not cover the top of your head at all.  In addition, the brown headrest can be seen extended below your head if waterfowl where to approach you from behind.  2)  I would also place the cup holder at a more convenient placement.  It is currently off your left shoulder and hard to reach if you want to drink anything.  3)  I think, like the cup holder it would be nice to have a shell box holder that would be convenient to access.  Yes, the mesh pockets are fine but for most of us, especially blind hunters, we just like to keep the shells in the box and use them when we need them.

I have another layout blind that does not have as many features as this blind.  Would I buy this layout blind again, Yes!  It was the best layout blind that I looked at or found after doing a lot of research on both the web and looking at first hand at numerous sporting goods stores.  Hope this info. was helpful.


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