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Category: Goose Decoys

This are nice and tough full body geese decoys. I have had these for several years. They hold up really well. I like the fact that they have a flocked head but take note the tails are not flocked. I almost find the fact the tail is not flocked as a plus and let me explain. When storing these decoys in the decoy bags I store them tail down. If they were flocked on the tail I think they would get damaged or worn out pretty quickly. The legs I store in each decoy bag slot and the feet in the side compartment of most decoy bags. Separating the legs and web feet can be a bit tough with the new decoys but just hit them hard when you take them off.
As a hint, I flip the decoy upside down with the tailing pointing up. I then hit the feed hard first on the outside to pop them off. Then I rotate the top of the feet upward in quick motion to remove the legs. At first the parts (legs and feet) will be stiff to remove but over time this will get easier. I leave the heads on because they are a pain to take off and put back on. Finally I store them heads up, tails down in the decoy bag.

I place these full body decoys out in front. In other words, where the geese will see them first as they make their final approach. These are good looking, realistic decoys so why not make the best use of them. This is my two cents worth.

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