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Category: Goose Decoys

I also have a dozen of these decoys. The first half dozen I purchased on sale at Cabela's last year. Two of the decoys were defective. After sometime working with the company, they sent me another 6 decoys for free. First these decoys without a doubt look great. They are fully flocked and each decoy has it's own unique look. They look good enough to shoot. I also like the fact that you simply have to pull the base from the decoy to get the decoy into position. You should also use the attached drawstring on the decoy. Attach the drawstring to the base and you can stop or limit some movement decoy as it moves side to side in the wind. If you do not attach the drawstring the decoy will spin, therefore in my opinion it is imperative that you attach the drawstring. I have never spin a real goose spin in circles. If it doesn't look natural, fix it and simply attach the drawstring.

The major downside to the decoy is that because they are fully flocked and so expenisive I end up using the decoy storage bag each time I put them in the decoy bags. This takes times to do this. But if you don't put the bags that comes with the decoys on each and every time I think you will end up destroying the flocking on the tail end and sides. After a couple of years I will revisit this post to give you a better insight into what I think of this decoy.

What I do like big time is the look of these full body decoys as they move side to side in gentle to moderate winds. The whole pattern looks alive and good enough to shot with some wind.

So are they worth the cost? I am still debating this question in my own mind. I also have full body BigFoot B2 Goose Decoys. The look good as well but do not move. To offset the fact that the Bigfoot decoys do not move I use SilloSock Decoys and a flapping decoy from Deadly Decoys. The motion from these other decoys adds a lot of motion into the decoy pattern itself that I think might be sufficient enough to bring in any geese. If you have a tight budget and are putting the decoys out by yourself, I would say you could pass on these decoys. If you don't mind spending a bit more time putting these decoys out and the cost is not object, go for it.

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