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We are a NEW and Exciting Multi-Media company that focuses on the total outdoor experience.

We are not a web site that is filled with useless hyperlinks, but instead we try to provide our users with cutting edge video and photographic experiences of the outdoors. We are unique in that we also offer social networking among our members. In addition, we offer one the of largest directories of Lodges and Outfitters to be found anywhere on the internet.

Our staff is made up of people who are excited about hunting and fishing. People who live the adventure and enjoy sharing their knowledge and fun of the outdoors with their readers.

How we Connect to our Audience

- Dramatic and Exciting Online Videos
- Ultimate Tips - E Newsletter
- Dramatic Photography
- Online quarterly Magazine
- Located on both Facebook and YouTube 

 Who are we trying to reach?

- 80 million fishermen and women throughout North America
- 20 million hunters throughout North America
- Outdoor enthusiasts who despite the economic downturn continued to purchase firearms in record numbers
- Sportsman who continue to pursue their passions both in the field and on the water throughout all phases of  their lives.

Advertise with us NOW and get in early on connecting with your customer base in an exciting, new and innovative format!
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